Michael Mehlich, Dr. rer. nat.


Dr. Mehlich is an expert on information theory, with a special focus on formal methods and tools for software engineering. He received a Diploma in Computer Science 1992 from the Universität Passau and a Dr. rer. nat. in Computer Science 1995 from the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. During his studies he was introduced to formal methods and became immediately convinced of their significance to increase the robustness and reliability of software. Dr. Mehlich has continuously sought ways to advance the practical use of formal methods in software engineering during his career in academia and industry.

Between June 1992 and January 1995 he was a research assistant at the chair of Prof. Dr. Wirsing at the Institut für Informatik of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. During this time he produced a library of reusable components for abstract data types, studied the formal specification of interactive graphical user interfaces using algebraic specifications, and, in cooperation with researchers from several other universities, developed a methodology for the construction of correct software. Moreover, in his dissertation, he studied the extension of existing implementation notions and proving techniques for algebraic specifications to frameworks having type constructors and higher-order functions. Afterwards he participated as a software engineer in the German Library Project at the Executive Board of the Executive Board of the Bavarian Public Libraries.

Joining Semantic Designs in May 1996 and moving to Texas from his native Germany, Dr. Mehlich became the Lead Research Engineer for the development of the DMS Reengineering Toolkit and has made major contributions to its core infrastructure as well as its industrial application: He was one of the principal language designers for Semantic Designs’ practical, PARLANSE (parallel programming language), in which the DMS system is implemented. Dr. Mehlich recently led Semantic Designs' implementation of an fully automated JOVIAL-to-C porting tool, and is the principal engineer responsible for the DMS C++ front-end parsing and name and type resolution infrastructure.



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Other Details

Dr. Mehlich speaks at conferences and symposiums.  He presented Semantic Designs' popular tutorial on Automated Transformation Systems for Software Maintenance, Reengineering and Porting at the 2002 International Conference on Software Maintenance.   He has spoken on Tools for Automating Massive Source Changes at the 2002 Cobol Expo in Chicago. At Net.ObjectDays 2000 he presented "Transformation Systems: Key Technology for Generative Programming and Large Scale Software Maintenance".

He has many papers to his credit. He wrote "Transformation Systems for Real Programming Languages - Preprocessing Directives Everywhere" for the International Workshop on Software Evolution Transformations in 2004. Some of the papers that he has co-authored include "C++ Component Model Reengineering by Automatic Program Transformation" (Online Article, Crosstalk - The Journal of Defense Software Engineering 18(5), 2005), “Program Transformation for Practical Scalable Software Evolution” (ICSE 2004), “Program Transformations for Re-Engineering C++ Components” (an invited paper for OOPSLA 2004), “Preprocessor Conditional Removal by Simple Partial Evaluation” (WCRE 2001), “Reverse Engineering is Reverse Forward Engineering (Sci. Comput. Program 2000, WCRE 1997)

Michael's architectural skills extend to winning at Jenga.

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Dr. Michael Mehlich