Thicket Obfuscator for JavaScript

The JavaScript Obfuscator (or ECMAScript, its official name, Obfuscator) tool obfuscates JavaScript source code to make it difficult to understand or reverse engineer (example). This provides significant protection for source code intellectual property that must be shipped to a customer, as is common when shipping JavaScript-enabled web pages to browsers or when JavaScript is used as a scripting language to support other activities (XSLT, etc.). It can also provide effective compression of JavaScript files to reduce script download time. It is a member of SD's Thicket Family of Source Code Obfuscators.

Thicket Obfuscator for JavaScript Features

  • Protects your JavaScript source code
    • Obfuscates an entire suite of files consistently in single easy step.
  • Zero impact on execution time
  • No changes to the execution environment of the application are needed
  • Replaces names by nonsense names without affecting functionality
    • User definable list of preserved names
    • Predefined list of reserved names from Microsoft and Netscape browser APIs provided
    • Facility to handle variable names embedded in eval'd string literals
  • Reduces web page load time by stripping whitespace and comments, and using short-as-possible variable names
    • User definable comment filtering, to preserve Copyright and public API documentation
    • Also strips excess blanks and newlines from HTML
  • Scrambles contents of regular expressions.
  • Option to encrypt string literals (slight performance impact)
  • Handles JavaScript in HTML type files
    • Protects client side JavaScript in <script>code</script> and HTML events ONevent="code".
    • Handles Microsoft ASP files, optionally obfuscating server-side JavaScript in <%= code %> and <% code %> blocks. Server-side VBScript can be protected with our Thicket Obfuscator for VBScript.
    • Handles JavaScript in XML/XSLT.
    • Handles JavaScript in Java Server Pages.
    • Handles client-side JavaScript in PHP. Server-side PHP can be protected with our Thicket Obfuscator for PHP.
    • Option to neatly format HTML to aid development before obfuscation
  • Option to neatly format ECMAScript (JavaScript) source and indent files according to their nesting level, to aid development before obfuscation.
  • Command line and GUI interfaces
  • Output encoding in ASCII, European ASCII, or UNICODE (UTF-8 or UTF-16)
  • Available for Windows 7, 8, and 10; runs under Wine on many Linux variants

Why the MicroSoft Script Encoder is a poor choice: To protect JavaScript in web pages, one might consider using the MS Script Encoder as an alternative. You can Google for MS Script Encoder, which will show you how to use it. But the MS Script Encoder doesn't provide much protection; the same Google search trivially shows you a link to a tool that can directly decode it. In contrast, comment removal and name scrambling done by our obfuscator can only be undone by hard, programmer-intensive guesswork. Of course, for a bit of added protection, you might apply the MS Script Encoder on top of our JavaScript Obfuscator, giving folks who do know how to decode it a bad surprise.

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Thicket Obfuscator for JavaScript