Java Source Code Obfuscator

The Java Obfuscator tool scrambles Java source code to make it very difficult to understand or reverse-engineer (example). This provides significant protection for source code intellectual property that must be shipped to a customer, and against the all-too-easy disassembly of Java class file object code. You only need to expose the public API that your classes offer to your customers; all your internal APIs and class names become inscrutable. It is a member of SD's family of Source Code Obfuscators.

Java Obfuscator Features

  • Replaces identifiers by nonsense names without affecting functionality
    • User definable list of preserved names
    • Predefined list of reserved names for Java JDK identifiers provided
  • Strips comments and removes most source code structure
    • User definable comment filtering, to preserve Copyright and public documentation
  • No changes to the your Java compilation or execution procedures or environment
  • Option to neatly format Java source code to aid development before obfuscation.
  • Output encoding in ASCII, "European ASCII" (ISO8859-1), Unicode, or any of a wide variety of other character encodings.
  • Command line and GUI interfaces

"I spent the day testing out several obfuscators and yours was by far The Best!!! The others made only very minor changes and left the code pretty clear. Yours did a super job of obfuscating the code."
-- Mark Usnick, CS/CIS Instructor

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Java Source
Code Obfuscator