Software Engineering Services

Semantic Designs offers an array of services to organizations building or maintaining software, principally centered around custom tool-based program analysis, generation or modification backed by PhD-level staff with an average of 18 years of field experience. We can see or find your problems quickly, and provide reasonable, economical solutions not available by conventional methods. SD presently has several offerings for this community:

  • Services
    • Consulting on customer problem scoping and definition of alternative software engineering solutions
    • Consulting on customer project definition involving SD's DMS™ Software Reengineering Toolkit
    • Application of DMS to general or specific re-engineering of application software suites including:
      • Design of DMS procedures to carry out specific customer tasks
      • Organizational process definition for DMS customers
      • Definition and/or implementation of new languages or dialects/ problem domains,
      • Training and engineering guidance for customer staff on DMS technologies
    • Definition and/or construction of customer-defined domain-specific code generators, using DMS (data base converters, special purpose languages, code generators,...)
    • Definition and/or construction of customer-defined analyses, using DMS (call graphs, dead code, use/defines, metrics, language/style violations, ...)
    • Consulting on application of PARLANSE to computationally intensive problems (computational geometry, data mining, ...)
  • Tool-Based Services
    • Automated software Clone Detection and Removal, to decrease the size of large-scale applications without impacting function or performance. This service uses SD's CloneDR™, and provides the customer with full reports on locations of clones, and/or remediates them according to customer specifications.
    • Construction and implementation of large scale legacy system migrations.
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